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Kostka Extreme Line Cover 1 40 ML

4500 din.

Kostka Extreme Line Cover 1 40 ML  – 1 pc


Kostka Extreme Line Cover 1 with a dense, gelatinous texture, can be easily smoothed with a brush or with the help of the Kostka Jelly Tool, and retains its texture after application.  A natural, warm color, it combines the strength of porcelain and the advantages of jelly. It is incredibly strong and resistant to mechanical influences.

Product features:

It has a thick texture
Excellent coverage
It doesn’t turn yellow
It can be applied in a thick layer
Can be used with a brush with artificial hair
Can be used for tip technique
Can also be used for Extreme Forms
Curing time 120 sec/UV, 90 sec/LED

Kostka products meet the following requirements:
– Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009
– Cosmetic GMP DIN ISO 22716 Standard
– MSDS Safety data sheets
– INCI lists (list of cosmetic ingredients)
– PIF File