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Master Class

1. Basic Studio Gel and Acrylic
2. Perfection Gel and Acrylic
3. Nail Forms (Russian Almond, Gothic Almond, Stiletto, Square, Pipe, Monroe, Sectio Aurea, Butterfly, Edge, Blade, Bridget, Arrow).
4. KOSTKA AUTHOR OF FORMS: Razor, Triangle, Stiletto Edge, Edgeit, Lilith, Dagger, Dragon, Kraken, Elatus, Abaddon, Nergal, Astaroth, Invicta, Kiara, Blizzard, Morningstar, Scar.
5. Nail Art studio mix
6. Nail Art Aquarelle
7. Nail Art micro painting (acrylic paint colors)
8. Nail Art Silk
9. Nail Art 3D Gel and Acrylic
10. Nail Art Gel painting
11. Advanced Levels Nail Art (Preparation for Competition- Category Tip Box)
12. Nail Art Mix Media
13. Preparation for Competition Category Poster (Nail Forms, Nail Art and shooting)
14. Casting Technique

Important Information for Organizatiors and Students:

The maximum number of students for Nail Forms on group seminars is - 8 people.
The maximum number of students for Nail Art in group seminars is - 6 people.
Bojana develops her own system of teaching in order to learn properly every single person in the seminar (no matter of experience). The system requires an individual approach to every student for every step. This is the reason why the maximum number of students is limited.
Bojana also has princip of One Nail or One Design during the one day of seminars because students need to learn rules, the technique of modeling/filling/nail art, to understand the architecture of Nail Form and to understand each step and theory.
Due to the complexity of the Casting Technique, it's a minimum of 4 days and in 4 days students do 3 nails. For 6 days, students do 5 nails.
After seminars we keep in contact with all of our students, in addition, to help them in future work. All of our previous students are highly advanced after seminars and show great success in their careers.