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No FIling Clear 40 ml

3590 din.

No FIling Clear 40 ml



No Filing Clear – 40 ml

Formulation with fiberglass particles makes the gel highly durable, protects from lifting and fractures.

The gel is self-leveling.

New Low Heat Formula

High viscosity.

After polymerization in the UV lamp, it has higher strength and it is highly

resistant to impact.

Strenght of acrylic

Absolutely not leak to cuticles and ensures ultra-high durability gel nails.

It can be used in reconstruction, coverage, refill.

Self-smoothing meaning less filing is required, perfect for No Filing Technique.

Extremely adhesive.

Apply thinly, high stability.

No Top Coat is needed, it can be polished to a perfect shine.

Very suitable for problematic nails.