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Kostka Polish Gel Base Persistent 8ml

1000 din.

Kostka Polish Gel Base Persistent 8ml

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Base Persistent
This is Long wear, builder base with the highest adhesion.
Because of its medium consistency, it can also be used for filling ridges and building a smooth apex on uneven nails.
Due to strong adhesion, increase wear time, Evan on oil and damage nails.
It can be used in a thin layer for those who prefer the natural look of the nails or in thicker layers as a builder base or ridge filler to fix problematic nails.
Long wear time
Medium consistency
Ridge filler
For perfectly smooth surfaces
UV/LED 90/30 sec
Not tested on animals
Don’t flow in cuticles
100 % self-leveling
Resistance to strip and shock test
Applications in a thin or thick layer
This formula is fully compliant to EU regulations.