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Kostka Extreme Line Clear 40 ML

4500 din.

Kostka Extreme Line Clear 40 ML – 1 pc


This Crystal Builder Gel Clear is thixotropy new generation Gel, specially made for extreme shapes.
Unique workability feature which allows to easily equalize the surface and minimize the feeling.
Kostka Clear Builder Gel is ultra high viscosity, incredible strength, resistant to mechanical stress.
No yellowing
No lifting
Color Stable
UV/LED compatible
UV 120 Sec.
LED 90 Sec.
Perfect adhesion on natural nails in combination with Kostka Super Bond.
Easy treatment
Easy handling
Handling with artificial hair brush
Extreme Shape technique
This gel, Clear Crystal Builder Gel, is a new generation thixotropy range, specially made for extreme shapes. The unique processing feature that allows for easy surface leveling and minimization of feel. Kostka Clear Builder gel has a very high viscosity, incredible resistance, resistance to mechanical stress
It does not turn yellow
Stable color
Do not catch air
Compatible UV 120 sec/LED 90 sec
Easy to model
Special for Extreme Nails

Packaging Unit: 40 ml


Specially Formulated for Extreme Nail Forms
Strength of Acrylics, benefits of Gel.
Water clear, highly transparent.

Kostka products comply with requirements:

Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009
Cosmetic GMP DIN ISO 22716 certified
MSDS sheets
INCI listings
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