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Kostka Extreme Cover – 1 40 gr

5500 din.

Kostka Extreme Cover – 1



Builder gel, thick jelly-like texture, easy to equalize using a brush or Kostka Jelly Tool.
Best in combination with Kostka Studio Cover 2 for smooth surface.
High viscosity
Excellent coverage
No yellowing
Color stable
Optimal for thick application
Curing in UV/120 sec
Curing in LED/90 sec
Handling with artificial hair brush
Tip technique
Extreme Shape technique
Packaging Unit: 50 ml


Kostka Extreme Cover 1 has a solid, jelly like texture and stays in its state after application. Warm and natural color, strength of acrylic, benefits of gel.
Incredible strength ,resistant to mechanical stress.
Kostka Studio Cover 2 and Kostka Extreme Cover 1 makes together unique system of New Creation Kostka Cover System. This system is carefully chosen and designed by Kostka Bojana herself , in order to simplify and improve modeling techniques.
In this technique we suggeste Kostka Studio Cover 2 as base and as well as last layer in modeling in order to equalize the surface and minimize the filling. Between those two layers we suggest Kostka Extreme Cover 1, wich is based on exactly the same formula and exactly same color, for building structure of the Nail Form because of his thixotropic nature.In combination of these two products we use the best characteristics from both, avoiding problems with uneven surfaces working with Jelly Gels and too much layers working with low viscosity Gels.
Kostka products comply to requirements:

Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009
Cosmetic GMP DIN ISO 22716 certified
MSDS sheets
INCI listings
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